Using AgriBus-GMini as an RTK-Mobile Station (Rover)





This time,Procedures for RTK-positioning using AgriBus-GMini (hereinafter referred to as GMini)The second bullet explains how to set the GMini as an RTK-mobile station (Rover).(* If you use GMini as the RTK-based station,Click hereSee the blog.)To obtain RTK-based Base data from the Internet,You must always connect your smartphone/tablet to the 3G/4G or WiFi.

Preliminary steps – (A)

Change the settings of the u-blox’s GNSS modules on your GMini for mobile stations.

(Install the u-center on your Windows PC and write the configuration files for your mobile station to the GMini.)

For more information about installing and connecting u-center, refer to the website below.

  • u-center Windows

  • Transistor technology

– (Supplement 1) Troubleshooting when the receiver does not appear on the ports in the Windows10

– (Supplement 2) Troubleshooting when setting changes are not reflected in the u-center

(A) – 1.Connect the USB-cable between the GMini and the Windows PC to start the GMini.

(A) – 2.After starting the u-center on the Windows PC, select the COM-port to which the GMini is connected in [Receiver]-[Port].

※ Note that the COM port depends on your environment.

(A) – 3.In [Tools]-[GNSS Configuration…]gmini-ublox-cfg-m8t-rtk-rover.txt

Is written.

※ Check [Store configuration into BBR/Flash(non-volatile memory], then select [File >GNSS].

Preliminary steps – (B)

Set the gyrosensor on the GMini to OFF.

(B) – 1.If the AgriBus-NAVI is running, exit the AgriBus-NAVI.

※ You cannot change the settings while the AgriBus-NAVI and Bluetooth are connected.

(B) – 2.Enable WiFi on your smartphone/tablet or PC after you start the GMini.

(B) – 3.Select [AGBGM-AP-XXXX] in the Available List of WiFi.The XXXX is four random alphanumeric characters.

(B) – 4.You will be prompted to enter a password. Enter the following password.

※ If you have WiFi connected, you do not need to enter passwords.

Password: 12345678

(B) – 5.Start the browser on your smartphone/tablet or PC.

(B) – 6.Enter the following URL in the address bar to display the Web page.​​

(B) – 7.Select [Disabled] in [Gyro sensor] and click [Set].

(B) – 8.If the webpage changes and “Set-OK” is displayed, the setting change is successful.

If “Set-FAIL” is displayed, the setting change has failed.If this happens, try again from the beginning.

Connection method

  1. Connect the GNSS antennas to the GMini.

  2. Connect the USB-cable to the GMini and start the GMini.

  3. Turn on the Bluetooth for smartphone/tablet settings.

  4. Bluetooth pairs the GMini.

    Choose AGBGM-BT-XXXX from the available devices.The XXXX is four random alphanumeric characters.

    ※ If you have already paired, this step is not necessary.

  1. Install the RTKGPS+for AgriBus-GMini apps on your smartphone/tablet.

    RTKGPS+ for AgriBus-GMini

  1. RTKGPS+ for AgriBus-GMiniSet the following in the app.

    ※. To set the following reference stations,Use AgriBus-GMini as an RTK-base station (Base)Is an example of the setting when using the base station set by “\\\\\\\\\\\”

  1. In the RTKGPS+for AgriBus-GMini app, select [Server]-ON.

    Check that the bar chart is displayed and data is received from the mobile station and the base station.After a while, RTK positioning (Fixed /Float) starts.

  1. Start the AgriBus-NAVI and click the wheel at the bottom left of the window.
  2. Select [Internal-Port Communication] in [GNSS Location Source].

  1. Configure TCP Host & Port Configuration as follows:

    TCP-Host (IP): Use localhost

    TCP port number: 51020

  1. The GPS guidance screen reappears.

    The upper-right corner of the display changes to “FIX /FLOAT” depending on the status of the antennas and satellites.In addition, location data may not be retrieved immediately after the GMini is started, and “NO GNSS” may be displayed.If this happens, wait for a while.


  1. What is RTKLIB?

    RTKLIB is a group of RTK-based positioning computation software developed by Takahiko 2 (Tokyo Oceanographic University).

    For more information, see the URL below.

  2. AgriBus-NAVI
    On the RTKGPS+for AgriBus-GMini
    Cannot retrieve location information?

    Restart each app.

  3. Among other things
    Without doing so

    If a distant reference station is used, the accuracy is lowered.

    Ideally, a base station within 10km is used.

  4. I want to restore the GMini to the factory settings?

    To the GMini in the u-centergmini-ublox-cfg-m8t-nmea.txtPlease write.

In the above, the GMini is used as the RTK mobile station.

Many users are aware of the accuracy with which “GNSS/GPS positioning” and “RTK-based positioning” are available on the GMini, so we’ll try to upgrade our reports when the GMini is actually used outdoors the next time.

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