How to Position RTKs Using AgriBus-GMini




RTK-Usage / GMini

GNSS/GPS announcementAgriBus-NAVIGenuine receiver that can be used with the appAgriBus-GMini(GMini *) enables accurate GNSS/GPS positioning optimized for AgriBus-NAVI apps, but in fact,The RTK standard station and the mobile station can also be used.

(※GMiniThe next lot is scheduled to be sold in May.Please wait a little more for details as you will be notified with this blog, etc.)

However, to use it as an RTK base station or mobile station, it is necessary to use it a little, so we will add additional information to this blog that is not included in the instruction manual.

Normally, two types of RTK-based positioning are required: a reference station (Base) and a mobile station (Rover). However, because GMini supports both of these types of RTK-based positioning,By preparing two GMini and using them as both stations, RTK-based positioning can be achieved.

However, because you need to use a third-party service or app, you need to make some settings for yourself.Also, RTK positioning is not always possible. Please note.

For details on the procedure, see the respective pages below.

We introduced that the RTK positioning can be performed by preparing two pieces of GMini. GMini and Autostear (Auto Steering) and ISOBUS support for the same period (scheduled for May)AgriBus-G+Can be combined with “”.

(※AgriBus-G+We will also introduce this information later in this book using blogs, etc.)

You are happy to use this information.

So, please use a good RTK life!