Nice to meet you! Welcome to the AgriBus series.

The AgriBus series is a GPS guidance system developed to easily reduce the burden and cost of farming.
Here’s a guide on where to start with the AgriBus series and which products you should use to suit your goals and budget.



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I want to run tractors and other farm equipment “straight and evenly spaced”.



I want to use a computer to manage my fields and organize my work history.



I want to make farming work more convenient and efficient



I want to use an external GPS to increase the accuracy of my farming operations.



I want to achieve automatic steering.



Download AgriBus-NAVI

The “AgriBus-NAVI” is a system of agricultural machinery such as tractors, combine harvesters, and self-propelled sprayers. A GPS/GNSS for Android that can be mounted on agricultural vehicles to assist in straight-line operations in the field This is a guidance application. By driving while checking the screen display, you can perform farm work in a large field straight and evenly spaced. You can.





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Download  now!



Register on the AgriBus-Web

Once you’ve seen the GPS guidance in the AgriBus-NAVI app, the next step is to register with AgriBus-Web and manage your field and tractor work history on your computer’s web browser screen.

The “AgriBus-Web” allows you to record your work history with the AgriBus-NAVI app, create field areas using satellite photos and 3D views, and manage your crop recording and more.

Using AgriBus-Web is basically free, too! (Some features are paid for.)

※With the free plan, the work history is limited to the last two days.
※If you want to keep track of your work history indefinitely, you need to subscribe to the Standard Plan.


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Subscribe to the Standard Plan

To make the way you navigate in the AgriBus-NAVI app and manage your fields and work history in AgriBus-Web more authentic and more efficient, subscribe to the Standard Plan (AgriBus-NAVI’s paid plan) and upgrade your features.


Standard Plan


Back up your farming operations


To sign up, please apply for a Google Play subscription “Standard Plan” from within the AgriBus-NAVI app.



Introducing AgriBus-GMiniR

Due to the limitations of the built-in GPS receiver, errors are inevitable due to its limited accuracy. If you check the work history on AgriBus-Web, the trajectory is deviated from the actual field position. or the sampling interval (cycle/interval to capture data) is slow and zigzagging. This can be a problem. In order to solve this problem, we need to install an external GPS system to receive highly accurate location information.


We offer the AgriBus-GMiniR, our GPS/GNSS receiver optimized for AgriBus-NAVI.

List price: 69,800 yen (tax included, free shipping)


※At present, AgriBus-GMiniR is only available for delivery within Japan.




Preparing centimeter-level location information

Now, so far, you’ve already achieved highly accurate positional guidance for your tractor and We are now in control of the tractor’s working condition. The last step is “automatic steering”. In order to achieve automatic steering, ultra-high precision centimeter-level position information is required. RTK positioning will make this possible.

What is “RTK positioning” that enables ultra-high accuracy? Have you ever wondered why?
RKT positioning is a method of correcting the GPS/GNSS positional data by acquiring GPS/GNSS positional data at two stations, a base station (BASE) and a mobile station (ROVER), and reading the difference between the two, i.e., “transfer of correction information”.

In fact, the “AgriBus-GMiniR” used in STEP4 can be used by changing the setting It can also be used as a RTK reference station (BASE), and can be used as an AgriBus Wi-Fi to the AgriBus-Caster, a service that transfers correction information to the NAVI application Connectivity is also implemented. This means that anyone with a Wi-Fi environment at home can easily set up a RTK reference station by themselves.


Introducing AgriBus-G2 and AgriBus-AutoSteer

By introducing the AgriBus-G2 (GPS/GNSS receiver for automatic steering) and the AgriBus-AutoSteer, automatic steering will become possible simply by retrofitting it to your existing tractor without the need to purchase a new, expensive tractor.


※At present, AgriBus-Autosteer and AgriBus-G2 are only available for

delivery within Japan.

What you need to realize automatic steering

③Steer attachment hardware (we can manufacture the hardware for you, but you will have to install it yourself)
④Prepare RTK correction information (e.g., install AgriBus-GMiniR at your home)


※At present, AgriBus-GMiniR, AgriBus-Autosteer and AgriBus-G2 are only available for delivery within Japan.


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All of our staff sincerely hope that by introducing the AgriBus series, farmers will be able to focus on growing better crops and developing their farm management, rather than driving and operating machinery.