RTK-GNSS Corrective Info “Forwarding” services

When using “AgriBus-GMini” as a RTK-GNSS reference station, this is a NTRIP Caster service for transferring the correction data generated by the reference station to a mobile station such as “AgriBus-G+”.


  • AgriBus-GMini用 NTRIP Caster

    Ideal for “AgriBus-GMini”

    In the past, only external NTRIP Caster services were used to transmit compensation data from AgriBus-GMini. However, these services were difficult to set up, making it difficult to connect and use them reliably, which was a major challenge.”AgriBus-Caster” is a simple, easy and stable NTRIP Caster service. Supports RTK-standard stations other than “AgriBus-GMini”. The mobile station can receive the correction data with the “AgriBus-G+” and “RTKGPS+ for AgriBus-GMini” apps.
  • マウントポイントの発行

    About using this service

    To use AgriBus-Caster, you need to register for “AgriBus-Web” and subscribe to the standard plan of “AgriBus-NAVI” app.One base station (mountpoint) and one mobile station (client) can be registered per “AgriBus-Web” account.Registered mobile station (clients) settings can be registered in more than one “AgriBus-G+””RTKGPS+ for AgriBus-GMini” app, but only one device can be connected at a time. (Connection restriction specifications may change in the future.)

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E-mail address registered on AgriBus-Web (Subscription to Standard Plan is required to use)

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