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GPS navigation for tractors

Straight ahead, forward.

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Your farming work will rapidly evolve
with the AgriBus series

A low cost GPS navigation system

We’ve made a simple and inexpensive GPS navigation system giving you accurate and stress-free farming.
Highly functional AgriBus Series helps you improve your earnings.

The strengths of cutting-edge technology
“AgriBus” is recognized worldwide.

  • Reduce costs with inexpensive systems

    Reduces costs with inexpensive systems

    The cost of the GPS navigation system is significantly lower than that of conventional GPS navigation systems. You can easily download an application to your smartphone or tablet. This straight-ahead operation makes it possible to reduce labor and material costs.

  • Responding to diverse tasks with high scalability

    Handles diverse tasks with high scalability

    It can be installed on a variety of agricultural machinery and vehicles, including tractors, combines, and self-propelled sprayers and supports straight-ahead operations in a wide field. The collaboration with the AgriBus series enables the recording and use of agricultural work information, communication with agricultural machinery, and the use of IoTs and robotics.

  • Already used by farmers worldwide

    Already used by farmers worldwide

    The world’s top market share for GPS navigation apps. With more than 1.7 million total installed users in which, more than 90% of the downloads are from overseas and it is used in more than 140 countries (as of Feb. 2022). Users have been growing steadily since its launch in 2015 and it has gained the trust of farmers around the world.

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