What you can do when you register as a member

By registering as a member and logging in through the ” AgriBus-NAVI ” application, you will be able to use the cloud to store recorded Cultivated landWork history, manage data on a PC web browser, and add or change devices.

AgriBus-Web Manage Cultivated land and operations with a web browser

  • Manage fields and operations with a web browser

    When you create Cultivated land data from satellite maps, the created Cultivated land will be depicted on the guidance map in the AgriBus-NAVI application.
    By logging in with a web browser on your computer, you can import map data in KML format created by GoogleEarth or other means, and export your work data in TSV format.
    *A subscription to the paid plan [Plus]is required to use this service.
  • Backup data

    By storing data in the cloud, the same data can be used in situations such as restoring data from a backup when reinstalling an application, changing Android devices, or using a second or third device.
    *Backup of Cultivated land does not require a subscription to a paid plan, but the retention period for Work history is indefinite with the purchase of a subscription to [Plus].
  • Establishment of My Standards Bureau

    If you have the AgriBus-GMiniR, you can set up an RTK-GNSS reference station (My Reference Station) at your home.
    After installation, simply log in on the ” AgriBus-NAVI side to receive correction information from My Reference Station.
    *A subscription to the paid plan [Plus]is required to use this service.

If you combine optional equipment
More convenient & much less work and cost

With a combination of optional equipment,More convenient & significantly reduces work and costs