Started blogging




Started blogging


In fact, in this spring, we will update our website to launch new products, but we will write blogs ahead of us!

We will deliver the latest information on our GPS/GNSS receivers “AgriBus-GMini” and “AgriBus-G+”, which are starting to provide the next lot soon, as well as the latest information on autosteered systems that we are developing this summer, as well as the status of the development of cloud-side services!

In addition to this, we hope that we will be able to use this product as convenient as possible, as well as the technical details of the product, which we need to devise a little.

The first picture is a prototype of “AgriBus-G+”.We’ve been actively working as a picture of the cover of our Facebook pages, but we’ve just replaced it with a new one, so we’ve been reminded to introduce you that we’re trying to remember.

At some dozen wins in Hokkaido Broadband City, snow was low this year, and farming has already begun.

We will also struggle at the maximum speed to support the challenges for better agriculture in the current season that we want with the new structure as we increase the number of members!

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