“AgriBus-Caster” released




The “AgriBus-Caster” has been beta-tested since last month, but we will make it publicly available to the public from today. Thank you only for your friends, who participated in the beta test.


What Is a AgriBus-Caster?

“AgriBus-Caster” is a RTK-GNSS correction information “transfer” service, and it is a NTRIP Caster service for transferring correction information to mobile stations such as “AgriBus-G+” when using “AgriBus-GMini” as a RTK-GNSS reference station.


Challenges in Using Third-Party NTRIP Caster Services

Until now, there has been only a way to use external services such as “RTK2GO” for NTRIP Caster services when using the AgriBus-GMini standard station. However, these services are difficult to set up, and there have been large challenges such as “changing to a registration system at a certain time,” “disconnecting if not used,” “cannot be used for a while after BANs.” It has been difficult to connect and use these services reliably.


Features of the AgriBus-Caster

Now that we have started our own Caster services, the characteristics of which are as follows.

  • OK even if the reference station data is not transmitted
  • Standards stations other than “AgriBus-GMini” can also be used.
  • Settings in the “AgriBus-NAVI” app and the “RTKGPS+ for AgriBus-GMini” app are easy (scheduled for subsequent updates)


About using this service

To use AgriBus-Caster, you need to register for “AgriBus-Web” and subscribe to the standard plan of “AgriBus-NAVI” app.

In fact, since the systemization for user registration has not been completed yet, the registration is performed manually by staff at the beginning. If you request, please fill in the required information from the request form in the center of the page and request it.


Further evolution of RTK setup is planned

The implementation of RTK Setup, in which the RTK Standards Bureau is established by itself, was simplified by the commencement of the provision of “AgriBus-GMini” and “AgriBus-Caster,” but the use of services made by other companies still remains, namely “RTKLIB(STRSVR” at the locations where the RTK Standards Bureau is established.”

We are planning to show you another way of dealing with this. We don’t offer details yet, but we expect to be able to announce them this month. You should expect.