Simple and low-cost tractor driving support app

  • Straight and evenly spaced is directly related to profitability

    AgriBus-NAVI is a GNSS/GPS guidance application for Android that can be mounted on agricultural vehicles such as tractors and combine harvesters to assist in “driving straight and evenly spaced” in the Cultivated land.

    Compatible with smartphones and tablets running Android 6.0 and above

  • Cloud management of Work history

    Cloud management of Work history and Cultivated land

    With AgriBus-Web, you can view your work Work history and create Cultivated land areas using a web browser. The Work history allows you to check later “when, where and how you ran”, so you can use it to look back on your work. The height information is also recorded, so you can see the height difference of the Cultivated land.

    You can use the management function of the Cultivated land for free. In addition, the map data of the Cultivated land area is compatible with the Shape/KML method that can be created by GoogleEarth, etc.

  • Just download the app.

    Just download the app.

    • Supported smartphones and tablets
      Compatible with Android 5.0 and above smartphones and tablets with GPS.
      Click here for compatible terminals of AgriBus-NAVI
    • expense
      • Free Plan: Free of charge
        Cultivated land management (full), Work history management (2 days)
      • Standard Plan: Annual Plan 12,000 yen/year, Monthly Plan 1,200 yen/month
        Cultivated land management (full), Work history management (unlimited)
        Information display tray, use of RTK-GNSS correction information “transfer” service AgriBus-Caster, etc.
    • Required Equipment
      • As an original product optimized for the external GPS/GNSS: AgriBus-NAVI, we offer the GPS/GNSS receivers AgriBus-GMiniR and AgriBus-G2.AgriBus-GMiniR
        Dual-frequency RTK-GNSS receiver (RTK reference station and mobile station available) AgriBus-G2
        Ultra-high accuracy smart GNSS/GPS device for auto-steering

The world’s most advanced technology – the strength of AgriBus

  • Inexpensive system reduces costs

    Significantly lower cost compared to conventional GPS guidance systems. Anyone can easily use the system by simply downloading the app to a smartphone or tablet. Cost savings in labor and material costs can be achieved through waste-free straight-line work.

  • High scalability for a variety of tasks

    It can be mounted on various agricultural machines and vehicles such as combine harvesters and self-propelled sprayers as well as tractors to support straight-line work in large fields. By linking with the AgriBus series, it is possible to record and utilize farm work information, communicate with farm machinery, and enable IoT and robotization.

  • Already used by farmers around the world

    The world’s top market share for GPS guidance apps. Since its launch in 2015, the number of users has been steadily increasing and the app has gained the trust of farmers around the world.

If you combine optional equipment
More convenient & much less work and cost

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