Notice of AgriBus-NAVI application version upgrade (v3.7.9)




Today, we’ve begun distributing new versions 3.7.9 of the AgriBus-NAVI app to the Google Play store.

The following functions have been added or changed in v3.7.9, although it has been the first time to write a release note. Please confirm your app.

Release Notes (3.7.9)

  • G2, AutoSteer compatible
  • Respond to issues where the screen is stuck during synchronization
  • Change the progress display of the synchronization process to the notification bar
  • Migrate AgriBus-Web account management to Android settings “Account”
  • Automatically synchronize AgriBus-Web using Android setting “Accounts”
  • AgriBus-Web single sign-on with AgriBus-GTools apps
  • The connection status at the time of correction information acquisition is added to the GNSS/GPS status window.
  • Portuguese Retranslation
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

Here are some of the changes:

Changing the Sync Process Indicator Display to Notification Bar

“In order to cope with the “”problem of screen being stuck during synchronization””, we have stopped displaying progress bar in app during synchronization and changed to displaying progress with notification bar.” As a result of the change, a percentage value indicating the progress has also been added.

In order to reduce the load on the server when the number of synchronization items is large, we have specified that the synchronization item should stop once after 100 items have elapsed. If you have 200 fields and work logs, you will need to do two synchronization tasks. Please be forewarned.

Migrate AgriBus-Web account management to Android settings “Account”

We have changed the account information of the AgriBus-Web that has been held in the app so far to be managed in the “account” of the Android system.

Go to Android Settings > Accounts to store your AgriBus-Web’s account details. By doing this, the following functions are realized.

  1. Auto Synchronize AgriBus-Web
  2. Single sign-on with AgriBus-GTools apps

About AgriBus-Web Auto-Synchronization

As with Gmail and Google calendars, you can now sync automatically on a regular basis in the background.

In order to limit the amount of communication in the background, the synchronization range is limited to fields and two days of work history (the same conditions as the free plan), and only 100 items are synchronized at a time.

Synchronization timing depends on the Android specifications of your device, but if you test it here, the Android system will set triggers about once a day depending on the status of the networks and batteries.

If you want to stop the process or communication in the background, turn off the synchronization switch on the screen above (Android “Settings”-“Accounts”).

In the AgriBus-NAVI app, you can also go directly to the account setting screen from the menu “Synchronization setting” on the left side of the AgriBus-Web screen.

About single sign-on with AgriBus-GTools apps

Previously, AgriBus-NAVI apps and AgriBus-GTools apps had to log in by entering AgriBus-Web account ID passwords, but this was done once. Once the AgriBus-NAVI is logged in, the AgriBus-GTools is brought online simply by starting it.

You will need to update the AgriBus-GTools to enable it here. Wait for a moment to update.

The connection status at the time of correction information acquisition is added to the GNSS/GPS status window.

The connection status of the correction information using the Ntrip client added in the previous update is additionally displayed on the GNSS/GPS status screen. (Open the GNSS/GPS status screen by tapping an area such as a SINGLE/NO GNSS/NO POS in the upper-right corner of the navigation screen.)

  • Start connection
  • Stop connection
  • Connection error
  • Receiving
  • Authentication error
  • No mount point

Since the connection status is displayed as described above, refer to it when setting the correction information.

This is the content of this release.

Please contact us for inquiries regarding this release. We welcome your comments.

Downloading the AgriBus-NAVI app from here

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