Renewal of data storage method – Notice of AgriBus-NAVI Version Upgrade (v5.3.2)




Today, we are pleased to announce the release of the new version 5.3.2 of the AgriBus-NAVI application to the Google Play Store. This time, we have made a major system change due to the renewal of the data storage system. We would like to ask all users of the application to please check the new version.

Release Notes (5.3.2)

  • Changed the method of saving Cultivated landWork historyGuidance Line.
  • Redesigned light bar
  • Light bar can now be set to “steering direction” and “misalignment direction
  • Display straight line and curve guidance type on AB button
  • Do not split Work history when entering or leaving the Cultivated land
  • Toggle fill when entering and exiting the Cultivated land
  • Automatic steering module to be selectable between stable board and development version

Changed the method of saving Cultivated landWork historyGuidance Line.

Following the recent renewal of the configuration environment, we have now changed the method of saving operational data such as Cultivated landWork historyGuidance Line.

The file storage method used since the initial release has been changed to the system configuration recommended by Google, which has largely eliminated the known problems, and at the same time, the following improvements are expected.

  • Faster startup.
  • Synchronization is no longer required.

Note on Transition Processing

At the first startup after the upgrade, the working data will be migrated.

When you see “Transitioning…” on the screen, please wait until it reaches 100%. Please wait until the percentage reaches 100%.

Once the data migration of the Cultivated land and Guidance Line is complete, the next step is to migrate the data of the Work history.

The time required for the migration process varies depending on the processing power of your terminal and how you normally use it. We have tested in various environments and found that in some cases it took 10 to 20 minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be patient while the migration process is completed.

*You can stop the migration process midway and stop the application. It will resume from where it left off the next time you start it up.

Redesigned light bar

Regarding the light bar, there has been a problem in the past that it was not clear whether the light bar was displaying the amount of displacement or the direction of steering direction.

In previous versions, the “amount of displacement” was displayed, but user tests showed that “steering instructions” were preferable, so the default has been changed to “steering instructions” and the design has been changed to a directional “arrow” design.

Also, the default is “steering instructions”, but this can be changed back to “amount of displacement” on the settings screen above.

Display straight line and curve guidance type on AB button

In addition, the design of the A and B buttons has been slightly changed so that the user can determine whether the guidance type is set for straight or curved lines.

Phased distribution of updates

In order to reduce server-side processing during the migration, this update will be distributed in phases over a period of about 10 days.

Please wait until it is delivered to your device.

… and upwards

If you have any questions about this release, please contact us here. We are looking forward to your comments and requests.

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