Column “From the World’s Agricultural Machinery” Episode 2 -Broadcaster-


In September, the farming season continued with the harvesting of horsebells and the seeding of wheat. I am Director of the AID Research Center, who is concerned about agricultural safety.

This time, I would like to take up a broadcaster that can be regarded as a synonym for agricultural machinery compatible with ISOBUS.

Functions compatible with ISOBUS

Broadcasters are work machines that spread fertilizer extensively in fields such as wheat and pastures, for example photographsSulky’s X40+In this model, fertilizer can be sprayed in a width of 12 to 44m.

 When using the broadcaster, it is necessary to actually measure the amount of fertilizer applied and the spraying width in advance, and then adjust the scale, etc. described in the instruction manual to adjust the value to the set value. However, in models compatible with ISOBUS, these adjustments can be easily made by operating the terminal screens installed in the driver’s seat.

1. Automatic adjustment of fertilizer application amount

 The amount of fertilizer applied by the broadcaster is usually expressed as the amount of fertilizer sprayed (kg/m2) per area.

As a calculation formula

 Fertilizer feed (kg/s) per unit time divided by working area per unit time (m2/s)

Fertilizer feed rate per hour (kg/s)/Work speed (m/s) × Spray width (m))

You are.

At this time, the feed amount of fertilizer is adjusted by the opening degree of the gate at the outlet of the fertilizer hopper, and the work area is adjusted by the work speed and the spraying width. However, when adjusting the work area, the spraying width is determined according to the distance between the control passages, and it is practical to adjust the work speed.

For models compatible with ISOBUS, the amount of fertilizer applied is automatically adjusted by automatically controlling the opening of these gates. Even if the work speed fluctuates by this mechanism, the opening of the gate can be adjusted in accordance with the fluctuating work speed to always achieve a constant fertilizer application amount. This feature is called “speed interlocking” and is effective when the work speed changes, for example, in a field with an up-and-down slope.

Photographs are quoted from “CC-ISOBUS”


In recent years, sensors capable of quantifying the growth of crops and technologies for creating maps showing the distribution of nutrient content in soil have been developed, and new technologies called “variable fertilization” have been introduced to adjust fertilizer application amounts in accordance with these data.

Broadcasters compatible with ISOBUS are also compatible with variable fertilization, which automatically adjusts the amount of fertilization based on sensors and maps.

2. Section controls

Photographs are quoted from the KRM Section Controll:


If fertilizer is sprayed in the same width in deformed fields such as triangles and trapezoids, fertilizer is sprayed even in areas where there are no crops, resulting in wasteful fertilizer costs. In addition, when the edges of the deformed fields have water channels, such as water channels and clear water channels, fertilizer directly enters the channels and the water quality is contaminated.

 The section control is a function that automatically opens and closes the gate of the fertilizer hopper when there is a part where fertilizer is not sprayed, and sprays fertilizer according to the shape of the gate. It is considered to be a great merit in a deformed field.

( Youtube BOGBALLE 社チャンネル)

Movies provided by BOGBALLE Corporation, which has been increasingly introduced in Hokkaido in recent years, explain these functions in an easy-to-understand manner.

By using a broadcaster compatible with ISOBUS, highly accurate fertilizer application can be performed by devices such as “speed-linked” and “variable fertilizer application”. In addition, section control can be expected to reduce fertilizer costs and prevent water pollution.


By the way, I believe that the “AgriBus-NAVI” app is also developing section controls. When will it be implemented? I was taking this opportunity to fly an ale to my representatives. Could you please?