Notice of RTKGPS+for AgriBus-GMini application releases

RTKGPS+ for AgriBus-GMini



RTKGPS+ for AgriBus-GMini

[Notice of Releases] RTKGPS+for AgriBus-GMini has been launched.

There were a number of inquiries from those using RTK-based positioning AgriBus-GMini that they could not pass data from RTKGPS + to the AgriBus-NAVI.

As a result of the investigation, we confirmed that the home RTKGPS + was unable to send data to the AgriBus-GMini, so we created a modified version of the data as a “RTKGPS+for AgriBus-GMini” and released the version at the Google Play store.

[Difference from Honke RTKGPS +]

  • Modify the data received from the AgriBus-GMini to send the data to the AgriBus-NAVI via internal-port communication.
  • Fixed so that only AgriBus-GMini is listed when connecting with Bluetooth
  • Change icon, background color, etc.

Otherwise, use the same method as RTKGPS + in this house.

Click here for download

・ RTKGPS+ for AgriBus-GMini