Column “From the World’s Agricultural Machinery” Episode 3 -Using Section Control-


Farming in the fall also plays the second half. This is the AID Research Center Director, who is still busy with busy periods, such as harvesting of vegetables and dent cones, and breaking down and tilling of central land in fields, and the weather pattern becomes weather.

Now, it’s mysterious about the arrangement of the corn in this field.

In fact, this field was introduced to the last broadcaster.John Deere’s proprietary models equipped with “section-control”Is used to propagate the seeds.

Section controls allow you to keep seeds from being dropped in unwanted areas, allowing you to seed the transformed field in a shape that fits the seeds.

 Now let’s take a closer look at the section controls.

Using Section Controls…

Figures are quoted from the Raven website.

Consider the effect of using a section control, using a boom player as an example.

Boom Sprayers are work machines that maximize the benefits of section controls that allow you to scatter agricultural substances only where they are needed.

This is because “duplicate application” of agricultural chemical in the same place can save the “wasted” cost caused by extra application of agricultural chemical in the same place. (In addition, the harm caused by duplicate application of agricultural chemical is a problem in the case of the removal agent.)



◎ Calculated…

As a prerequisite, we prepared three fields of trapezoids with the same width and area but different lower corners. The inner corners at the bottom are 45 degrees for A, 60 degrees for B, and 75 degrees for C. This is to examine the effect of the degree of transformation in the field.

 Calculation tool developed by the University of San SunGuidance & Section Control Profit Calculator(Excel version)Was used.

Using this tool, we considered the area percentage of overlapping scattering and the number of years to return on the investment, considering the section control that included the navigation system as a new investment.

In estimating the number of years that investments were collected, we used data estimated from Hokkaido’s actual state of agricultural chemical application, and set the price of section control in two stages, 1 million yen and 1,500,000 yen.

 As a result,

・ Reducing the Overlapping Scatter Area Percentage

Without section controls, the area percentage of overlapping scattering was 3.1 to 7.9%, with a smaller (more distorted) field inside the bottom.

On the other hand, with section controls, the area percentage of overlapping scattering was significantly reduced from 0.2% to 1.0%, especially in fields with small (more distorted) inner corners.

 ・ Investment payback period

Given the current number of Agricultural Distributions and agricultural expenses, it is estimated that the number of years required to return investments in section controls will be around 1-3 years.

 Again, section control is a nice technology.

The “AgriBus-NAVI” app also expects section-control to be available in a future not far away…

Representative, please.

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