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Updated product-information for AgriBus-G+, a very high-precision smart GNSS/GPS device that supports auto-steering.

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AgriBus-G+ Features

  • Positioning with GNSS/GPS error of several centimeters (*)
  • Expandable to automatic steering system (scheduled for fall this year)
  • Planned to support ISOBUS in the future
Utilizing AgriBus-G+

(*) Precision

Several centimeters of error can be announced by connecting to the GNSS Correction Information Provider (AgriBus-G+ can be used alone instead of through a smartphone).The correction information to be connected needs to be prepared by the customer, but the following cases are supported.

  1. Use the corrective data distribution services provided by municipalities and agricultural co-ordinates
  2. Use Real-Time Correction Data Delivery Services, etc. provided by Japan GPS Data Services Inc.
  3. Set up RTK-based base stations by themselves using AgriBus-GMini, etc.
  4. Use RTK base stations installed in corporations and universities and available free of charge

High-level models of AgriBus series

Compared to AgriBus-GMini, which is a GPS/GNSS receiver, AgriBus-G+ has the following features in throughput and scalability:

  • By connecting to the above-mentioned correction information providing service, it is possible to locate position information with higher accuracy.
  • The orientation can also be detected by processing the information of the two antennas.
  • It can be extended to AgriBus-AutoSteer, an automated steering system that is currently being developed (scheduled to be provided this fall)
  • In the future, we will be able to support ISOBUS and communicate with workers.

About the purchase method

Currently (as of 4/25), the preparation for shipment is carried out by the total staff.The number of initial lots is small, but the initial lots are scheduled to be purchased by Amazon in early May.

Ready-to-ship AgriBus-G+

The price is 398,000 yen without tax.

Following the initial lot, we will proceed with the next shipment in sequence.

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