I have been looking at AgriBus-GMini manufacturing sites.




Hi, I’m an engineer JIN.

At Hokkaido and Teucawa, this season’s agricultural work has also begun. AgriBus-GMiniAnd<AgriBus-G+The number of inquiries is increasing.You will be notified by email or this blog when you are ready for shipment.

Currently, the AgriBus-GMini is in the next-batch (※ Schedule for May
We are preparing for sale.Preparations are in progress, and today’s blogs want to introduce the production site only a little.

Recently, we had a meeting with the manufacturer.

The AgriBus-GMini was just being produced, so we had a look at the manufacturing site.

Install CPUs and GNSS chips on the boards.
This is the board of the created earpiece.

The AI recognizes the image of the finished substrate and checks whether there is a problem with the attachment.I have already introduced AI/artificial intelligence in various places.

This month at the end of the year.The site is ready to sell the next lot in a hurry.

Now, please wait for a while!

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