AgriBus-GMini Usage Reports as GPS/GNSS Receivers




AgriBus-GMini as a GPS/GNSS receiver

Hello. I’m an engineer JIN.

From our usersAgriBus-GMiniWe have received a lot of inquiries about the accuracy of GMini (below), and we will introduce the actual use of the GMini to answer this question.

First, it is exposed.There are two main features of GMini:

・ Genuine Bluetooth type GPS/GNSS receiver

Submeter-class single/differential positioning is possible in only a few minutes from the initial setting.

・ High-accuracy RTK positioning is also possible.

Real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning of sentimeter classes is also possible.

This time,Genuine Blueooth type GPS/GNSS receiverThis chapter explains how to actually use this function.

(*For high-precision RTK positioningThis articleSee Also.)

Connection method

First, try connecting the AgriBus-NAVI to the GMini.

Only a few steps are required to use the GMini.Anyone with a few minutes can easily use single/differential positioning.

1. Connect USB cables and GNSS antennas to the GMini.

Connect the other end of the USB cable to a commercially available USB power adapter.After connecting, check that the LEDs on the side of the main unit flash slowly.USB cables and GNSS antennas are included with the products.

“Flash slowly”=”Waiting for Bluetooth connections”

2. Bluetooth Pairing with Smartphone/Tablet Settings

“AGBGM-BT-xxxx” and the device-name are displayed.

Note that the xxxx varies from product to product.

3. Select the Bluetooth paired GMini in the AgriBus-NAVI

Select Use Bluetooth Connectivity GNSS.
Select the paired GMini in 2.

4. Displaying guidance screens on the AgriBus-NAVI

The upper-right corner of the display changes to “Single (Single Positioning)” or “D-GNSS (Differential Positioning)” depending on the status of the satellites.In addition, “NO POS” may be displayed until the location of the satellites is obtained when the GMini is started.If this happens, wait for a while.

At this time, differential positioning was successful in only 2 minutes.

The connection procedure is as described above.It is very simple.In addition, once connected, the setting is unnecessary for the next use, so it is easy to use.

Explore Outdoors

Next, try using it outdoors.This time you’re running in your car instead of a tractor.

Connect the USB cable to the cigar socket.
The antenna is located in the center of the vehicle.

Here is the result of a round trip to a straight road on one side.

The roads were as wide as 2.5m on one side, so you can see that there is a bit of space near the centreline.I feel B.

The working range is set to 2m.

Look at the work history.

Look at the history of this task on the AgriBus-Web.

The distance between the lines is approximately 400m.Scanning is fine and straight!

In this case, differential positioning is always performed.
I feel that the error will fit within the 1m. (The working range is 2m.)


How do you worry about the accuracy of the GMini?I think you can tell you how much accuracy you really have. GMini is recommended for those who need easy and quick stand-alone/differential positioning.
If you are concerned, click on it. Product informationCheck!