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We have finally begun accepting AgriBus-AutoSteer reservations, and we have been in a hurry.

As the product lineup increases, this time we introduce “frequently asked questions” to “I don’t know how to start using our products”.

Q: What should I start with?

Install free Android app「AgriBus-NAVI」 on your smartphone/tablet and Try using it.

What is a AgriBus-NAVI app?

Q: Which terminal does AgriBus-NAVI support?

▪ Smartphone tablets with Android5. 0 or higher.
 ☛Sorry for  iOS (iPhone/iPad) is not supported.

Q: How do I get the arrows on the screen to show where I’m?

The built-in GPS/GNSS receiver in the terminal has limited accuracy. For an estimate of the accuracy required for agricultural operations and the sensation of using “AgriBus-NAVI” here“Selecting a GPS/GNSS”Please check.

After checking, the required accuracy is Medium precision
It is possible to receive accuracy of submeter class even in single positioning.

(price of 69,800 yen ⇒ 59,800 yen per campaign period)
Purchase and attach to your tractor.

In addition, If you wish to perform the position measurement of Ultra high precision
Set up an RTK reference station.「AgiriBus-GMiniR」(price of 69,800 yen) It is recommended that you purchase an additional RTK reference station.

Q:” NO GNSS” appears red and the arrow does not move.

GPS/GNSS connectivity failure. Check the connection with the receiver.

Q:” NO POS” appears yellow and the arrow does not move.

The GPS/GNSS signal has been received, but the present position has not been calculated for reasons such as poor radio wave condition. Move to an open location in the sky (open sky) and wait a few minutes.

Q: What is RTK positioning?

RTK stands for Real Time Kinematic (GPS).

In terms of location information, “GPS” is often thought of quickly, but it refers to U.S. military satellites and the generic name for global navigation satellites launched around the world, including Japan’s “michibiki” is GNSS. These satellite-based position data are always in error by themselves only.

RTK uses two receivers: a fixed station (reference station) and a mobile station, and exchanges information between two receivers in real time to improve positioning accuracy. However, since receivers are expensive (about ¥1 million yen), it has been difficult to use them generally.

In order to make it easier for farmers to get started with smart farming, the Agricultural Information Design Company has developed and sold a GPS/GNSS receiver that is also a standard station at an easy-to-purchase price as a “AgriBus-GMini” so that farmers can start smart agriculture. In RTK positioning, although we have received high praise from farmers,
・ Difficult to set
・ It takes time to fix.
We have also received some comments.

「AgriBus-GMiniR」In addition to clearing these challenges, these products are designed to be used as reference stations by dramatically promoting their functions and specifications. (For details,Click here)

Its superior performance is the “uneven level” of our representatives.
At this opportunity, please feel more stress-free RTK positioning.

Q: What are the recommended antennas for AgriBus-GMiniR?

The AgriBus-GMiniR ships with antennas as an accessory, so you do not need to prepare them. However, you need to prepare a tablet holder for installation in a instructor, etc.

Q: Would you like to save the tractor travel history and use it for future work planning?

In the beginning「AgriBus-Web」Please register.You are free of charge.
You can record your work history from the AgriBus-NAVI app to create field areas using satellite-based photographs, manage work records, and more.

In ☛,AgriBus-NAVI’s standard plan(Subscription ¥6,000/year ⇒ ¥12,000/year since January 1, 2020)This ensures that your work history is kept indefinitely. It also enables color-coded display of differences in height, slope, and travel speed, and real-time display of trends of multiple instructors on a single screen. Please use it as a hint or idea for the planning of agricultural work to be carried out in the future.

Q: Do you want to realize automatic steering?

Ultra-high precision smart GNSS/GPS devices that support automated manipulation for your instructors, etc.「AgriBus-G2」(price of 298,000 yen)In place,Agribus-AutosteerThis can be achieved by changing. Please feel free to begin the new agriculture.

Adaptive Installation Query FormHave you already sent it?
▪ Ultra High Precision GNSS Receiver….AgriBus-G2Have you already purchased ‘?
Have you already set the XX RTK positioning?
^ In addition, you will be charged for the steer mounting brackets (¥140,000 including tax).
So, you can install the steer by yourself…

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