What Is the AgriBus-G+ Characteristic?




Auto-steering and ISOBUS response are attractive AgriBus-G+. What are the characteristics of a single unit?The features of AgriBus-G+ alone, which are likely to be buried in scalability, are summarized below.

[AgriBus-G+ Features]

① Stabilize guidance when working at low speeds

AgriBus-G+ can use two antennas and the outputs from the gyros to calculate the orientation.Therefore, compared to guidance using a single antenna (using a AgriBus-NAVI), guidance can be stably provided without reversing the front and back directions even when working at a low speed.

Two antennae are installed horizontally (two antennae can also be installed vertically)

② Easy to set and adjust

Compensation data is obtained directly by AgriBus-G+ using the 3G line and optimized for AgriBus-NAVI.

On the other hand, using an external app such as RTKGPS+, the smartphone/tablet can process the correction information. However, since it is generally difficult to adjust the settings and parameters, it is easiest to use AgriBus-G+ to handle the correction information on the AgriBus-NAVI.

G+ Correction Data Setting Display in AgriBus-NAVI App

③ Solving Internal Port Communication Problems

Internal port communication between external apps and AgriBus-NAVI apps, such as RTKGPS+, can cause problems such as dropped background processes due to memory-management restrictions, security software, and battery-saver restrictions on communication (such as packet jams). However, problems due to the unique specifications of your smartphone/tablet, and problems when using external services, cannot be supported by us.

Many of these problems are stabilized by communicating with the AgriBus-NAVI over the Bluetooth from the AgriBus-G+.

④ Vehicle speed pulse output

If you are using a vehicle-linked worker, you can connect it via the cables provided with the AgriBus-G+, and the vehicle speed measured by the AgriBus-G+ can be communicated to the worker.

Although simple, we have summarized the features of AgriBus-G+ alone.

The next time, we will introduce you to how to install AgriBus-G+.Enjoy!