• How to Position RTKs Using AgriBus-GMini


    How to Position RTKs Using AgriBus-GMini

    RTK-Usage / GMini [November 19, 2019: postscript] If you are considering installing as an RTK reference station, consider the AgriBus-GMiniR designed for RTK. GNSS/GPS announcementAgriBus-NAVIGenuine receiver that can be used with the appAgriBus-GMini(GMini *) enables accurate GNSS/GPS positioning optimized for AgriBus-NAVI apps, but in fact,The RTK standard station and the mobile station can also be […]


  • Started blogging


    Started blogging

    Hello, In fact, in this spring, we will update our website to launch new products, but we will write blogs ahead of us! We will deliver the latest information on our GPS/GNSS receivers “AgriBus-GMini” and “AgriBus-G+”, which are starting to provide the next lot soon, as well as the latest information on autosteered systems that […]